Mission and Goals


RCA Mission Statement
To promote professionalism and integrity in retail construction through industry leadership in education, information exchange, and jobsite safety.

RCA Goals
•  Promote excellence in the industry
•  Promote ethical practices
•  Promote industry standards
•  Foster collaboration between retailers, developers, and contractors
•  Create a forum to deal with concerns
•  Exchange ideas and share information
•  Establish an environment where ethics, professionalism, and competence can flourish
•  Promote educational and training opportunities within the industry

RCA Code of Ethics
The construction profession relies upon a system of technical competence, management excellence and fair dealing to serve the public with safety, efficiency, and economy. Each member of the association is committed to following the STANDARDS OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT:

1. A member shall maintain full regard to the public interest in fulfilling his or her professional responsibilities.
2. A member shall not engage in any deceptive practice, or in any practice that creates an unfair advantage for the member or another.
3. A member shall not maliciously or recklessly injure, or attempt to injure the professional reputation of others.
4. A member shall insure that when providing a service that includes advice, such advice shall be fair and unbiased.
5. A member shall not divulge to any person, firm, or company, information of a confidential nature acquired during the course of professional activities.
6. A member shall carry out his or her responsibilities in accordance with current professional practice.
7. A member shall keep informed of new concepts and developments in the construction process
appropriate to the type and level of his or her responsibilities.
Adopted by permission from the American Institute of Constructors.