Membership Information


By choosing to use RCA members you are:
  • Dealing with established, high caliber contractors within the industry. 
  • Reassured by stringent RCA membership qualification requirements that are updated annually. 
  • Associating with contractors who are accustomed to handling the problems unique to retail construction. 
  • Accessing a source for industry-related information and standards. 
  • Supporting RCA members' commitment to excellence. 
  • Optimizing the value of construction dollars. 
  • Receiving a quality product.
A company is qualified for membership if:
  • The company is a general contractor with significant business operations in retail construction; members must be engaged directly in retail construction as a general contractor that is a signatory on prime contracts; annual volume of retail work performed by contractor must equal/exceed $5m in volume, or represent 51% of annual volume. 
  • The company has an excellent reputation in the industry. Five references are required (minimum of three from retailers, two from architects, landlords, developers, etc.). 
  • The company has been a general contractor in the construction business for a minimum of five years. 
  • The company is properly licensed in all states where it conducts business. 
  • The company carries General Liability and Workers Compensation coverage 
  • The company has a favorable Experience Modification Rating (EMR).
  • The company is able to provide Performance and Material Payment Bonds from an "A-" or better rated best carrier. (Click here for sample bonding letter)
  • Renewals are conducted annually; every three years, members must submit supporting materials; in interim years, members must sign an affidavit indicating compliance with all requirements. 
  • The company must submit an AIA qualification statement for board approval.

New Member Application
Before you start your application, please contact the RCA office ([email protected] or 1-800-847-5085) to schedule a brief call to review the application process and expectations. Click here to download the application.

Membership Renewal Application (check with RCA office to confirm which application should be used)
Interim renewal application (years for which full documentation is not required)

Scholarship Contribution
Make a contribution to the scholarship fund when you renew! Click here for a hard copy contribution form. Click here to make a donation online.