ConstructReach is a workforce development initiative and consultancy that builds reachable opportunities through construction – and exists to diversify an entire industry. They work with students, educators, general contractors, large brands, and industry professionals to increase the visibility of the construction industry and build a more prosperous future for all stakeholders.

Today, over half of the skilled construction labor force is nearing retirement age and less than 8% of high school graduates are pursuing careers in construction. There are a number of reasons for this, but lack of industry diversity is among the top. Replacing an aging workforce with diverse new talent is difficult, especially when students see the construction industry in only one way. By connecting talented, diverse young people with top-level brands and leaders in construction, ConstructReach is helping to build a more diverse and sustainable future for the industry.

What ConstructReach Does

  • Provides education and resources for students to explore career opportunities in construction.
  • Develops internship curricula to help general contractors and brands diversity in construction teams.
  • Creates hands-on experiences for students to learn about the construction industry.
  • Creates networking opportunities that introduce construction professionals to new talent.
  • Hosts “I Built This” events that connect students, brands, communities, and industry professionals.
  • Enhances diversity initiatives to position construction companies as advocates for underrepresented populations.

Workforce Development Offerings

ConstructReach's consulting services include:

  1. Recruitment strategy and support
  2. Organizational health / DEI consultation
  3. Community engagement
  4. Formalization of internship/new-hire onboarding programming
  5. Professional development training (Intern –> Exec)

Pricing is based on the needs of the General Contractor. The start up process includes an introductory meeting, assessment, discovery meeting, review, and recommended next steps. The costs for the introduction and discovery process is $1,500. As part of it's commitment to workforce development and diversity, equity, and inclusion, RCA will cover $500 of the discovery fee for up to 20 member companies in 2024.

Click here to sign up for the introduction and discovery process. Select RCA Member Contractor from the dropdown menu.

ConstructReach is offering RCA members $5,000 off an annual consultancy agreement if they sign up for all five services.

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