RCA Committee Descriptions

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Sponsorship and Member Benefits

  • Establish and maintain sponsorships per budgeted goals
  • Seek out new sponsors, ensuring a diverse sponsor base
  • Maintain relationship with current sponsors
  • Leverage the buying power of the membership to establish partnerships with companies that can provide rebates or discounts for members

Membership Recruitment & Retention

  • Mission is to recruit, review and retain members
  • Actively seek new members at SPECS, Center Build, CCRP Events, and job walks with competitors and at client vendor summits. Conduct regular outreach to potential GC candidates
  • Work with current board members and Advisory Board members to solicit GCs for membership
  • Review membership application on an annual basis to make sure it’s accurate and up to date
  • Make recommendations for requirement changes and process improvements
  • Onboard new members; maintain regular communications with them in their first few years of membership
  • Plan and produce regional networking events, with a focus on collaboration and networking amongst members and the retailer community

Workforce Development

  • Find programs that RCA can partner with that help to place people in the retail construction industry; this can include veteran/military job fairs, college career fairs, other associations, partnerships with trade schools, scholarships, women in construction, etc.

This committee also oversees the scholarship program:

  • Create a strategy for what scholarships are meant to do/the implementation of the program
  • Increase scholarship funding from the membership base
  • Increase the impact of the scholarships we give (both for the students and the RCA)

Professional Development

  • Plan webinars/roundtable discussions on timely topics (at least quarterly)
  • Plan RCA panels at industry conferences (e.g., SPECS, CenterBuild)
  • Assist the Vice President in developing content and securing speakers for the annual conference

Construction Training

  • Oversee continued successful implementation of the Superintendent Training Program
  • Identify other training needs of our membership and explore next steps, e.g., Project Manager Training, recertification, refresher courses, etc.
  • Find ways to promote certified members

This committee also oversees the safety program:

  • Review RCA’s safety materials once a year and update as needed
  • Educate membership about safety issues that need attention (e.g., regulation updates)


  • Identify issues that are relevant to our industry and determine how members and the organization can make their voices heard