Quality Assurance Program


Quality Assurance Program


  • To provide a benchmark reporting mechanism for member companies and clients/customers.
  • To itemize to clients/customers the basic components and expectations the RCA has for all member companies.


  • RCA encourages participation of 100% of all member companies of this voluntary program or another similar satisfaction survey.
  • RCA maintains a non policing position in this program; however will provide a resource within the RCA website to indicate member companies participating in this or other similar program.
  • RCA will continually improve the program as client/customer and member feedback warrants.


  • To create a specific means for clients/customers to communicate performance satisfaction.
  • To establish a tool from which member companies can more thoroughly understand client/customer expectations. 

Click here to download the RCA Quality Assurance Survey.

Members: Want the Quality Assurance icon on your member profile? Contact us with a copy of your quality assurance materials or let us know how you are using the RCA survey.