RCA Strategic Plan: 2016-2018

Adopted by the Board of Directors, January 2016

Retailer Perception: Retailers view RCA membership as an essential source for the top retail contractors


  • SPECS 2016 Retailer Listening Event/Retail Executive Forum
  • Develop retailer elevator pitches
  • Develop a “High-Value Target” retailer list for communication efforts
  • More effectively leverage the Advisory Board
  • Strengthen alliances with other associations and events
  • Future SPECS-adjacent RCA member/retailer events
  • Develop a “Retail Superintendent Academy”
  • Promote RCA/facilitate retailer summits/annual GC meetings for the retailers

Membership Size and Clout: RCA has more than 200 members, representing 20% of industry revenues

  • Streamline new membership process to minimize new applicant frustration without lowering standards
  • Streamline membership renewal process to eliminate paperwork headaches
  • Develop differentiated elevator pitches for potential new members
  • Develop a “high-value target list” for strategic membership additions
  • Evaluate methods to incentivize member referrals

Member Engagement: More than half of members participate in “secondary activities” beyond the annual meeting

  • Reorganize and open up the committees to more non-board member involvement/leadership
  • Implement a new member onboarding process
  • Build an ongoing follow-up to the annual Owner’s Breakfast
  • Identify additional member benefits to continue to enhance the value of our membership
  • Develop a regional structure within RCA to provide ongoing networking and training opportunities
  • Develop a “Vistage-like” structure to provide differentiated peer group content
  • Develop succession targets and reach out to future committee members and future board members
  • Evaluate the possibility of a strategic partnership with Construction Technology, Construction Business Owner, Construction Executive, Chain Store Age, and other magazines
  • Develop a social media strategy for LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube