Membership Information

By choosing to use RCA members you are:
  • Dealing with established, high caliber contractors within the industry. 
  • Reassured by stringent RCA membership qualification requirements that are updated annually. 
  • Associating with contractors who are accustomed to handling the problems unique to retail construction. 
  • Accessing a source for industry-related information and standards. 
  • Supporting RCA members' commitment to excellence. 
  • Optimizing the value of construction dollars. 
  • Receiving a quality product.
A company is qualified for membership if:
  • The company is a general contractor with significant business operations in retail construction.
  • The company has an excellent reputation in the industry. Five letters of recommendation are required. 
  • The company has been a general contractor in the construction business for a minimum of five years. 
  • The company is properly licensed in all states where it conducts business. 
  • The company carries General Liability and Workers Compensation coverage 
  • The company has a favorable Experience Modification Rating (EMR).
  • The company is able to provide Performance and Material Payment Bonds from an "A-" or better rated best carrier.  (Click here for sample bonding letter)
  • All qualification information is reviewed annually. 
  • The company must submit an AIA qualification statement for board approval.

New Member Application
Before you start your application, please contact the RCA office ( or1-800-847-5085) to schedule a brief call to review the application process and expectations.

Membership Renewal Application